Freezing and Chilling

JBT - Frigoscandia GC70
For over 50 years, JBT has mastered the freezing, cooling, chilling, drying, proofing and steaming categories and continues to
innovate with our full line of products. Our Frigoscandia and Northfield lines have shaped today’s frozen food markets by inventing
breakthrough technologies, such as the self-stacking spiral freezer, the top-selling freezer in the world. In this brochure, you will find
the complete line of products offered by JBT in these categories. These product lines help processors produce quality, consistency
and longevity for their dairy, bakery, protein and grain based products. 

Trusted Brands

  • Spiral Freezing Systems – For freezing and chilling a wide range of packaged products. Ideal for large products and heavy belt loads.
  • Linear Freezing Systems – For crust freezing to improve material handling, yield and minimize mesh belt marks. Also for freezing raw fruits and vegetables, as well as sauces, fruit pulps, and puree type products.
  • Refrigeration Systems & Accessories – Supporting freezing and chilling systems by supplying  and managing refrigerant to and from freezing and chilling equipment, including but not limited to all lines of JBT spiral and linear freezing systems with a wide range of capacities.

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