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Our Stein coating systems have led the food processing industry in innovation since the first commercially successful breading applicator was introduced in 1955.  Since then food processors have relied on Stein coating equipment to develop and grow their coated products offerings. 

Stein coating equipment has been a key component of many multi-national fast food and convenience food new product introductions since the early 1980’s.  From the first machine introduced in 1955, Stein coating machines have provided high capacity, extremely reliable, and innovative solutions to food processors world-wide.

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Here are some key industry firsts:

  • First commercially successful automated conveyorized breading applicator
  • First breading applicator to run heavy flour style coatings
  • First hydraulically powered breading machines for improved reliability
  • First batter applicator designed to run tempura style batters
  • First universal batter applicator able to run conventional and tempura style batters
  • First breading applicator to run Japanese style bread crumbs
  • First breading applicator able to run full range of coating materials from flour to “J”crumb
  • First fully automated batter mixer and viscosity control
  • First semi-automated Tempura Batter mixer
  • First “Home Style” coating applicator with full belt width product orientation

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