X-Ray Food Inspection

With our industry leading Critical Control Point X-ray (CCPX™) technology, JBT XVision™ systems are simple to maintain and easy to operate. Our modular plug-and-play source, processor and control modules reduce cost of ownership and allow for unsurpassed uptime. 

XVision™ FlexScan™

Intelligent X-Ray Inspection System.

XVision™ CCPX™-Tall

Contaminant detection for jars, cans, bottles and Tetra Pak® made simple.

XVision™ CCPX™-Pack 1408

Our 1408 with Single Push Arm provides simple X-ray contaminant detection of pies, bakery and packaged products.

XVision™ CCPX™-Pack Curtainless

Makes contaminant detection of foil stick packs much easier. 

XVision™ CCPX™ Clean and Bulk™

An ideal choice for post freezer and bulk flow X-ray contaminant detection.

XVision™ CCPX™-Clean 2208 Ground Meat

Detects contaminants in bulk flow ground meat and poultry directly off the grind head.

XVision™ CCPX™-Clean 1006/2208

A push arm system for contaminant detection of chub, loaf and clipped-products.

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