Powder Processing Systems


Vacuum Powder Filler

Designed to gently fill rigid containers with any powder or granular product without using an auger. 

In-Line Gassing

Maintains reduced residual oxygen in packaged product to minimal levels, thereby extending shelf life.


Available in three or six spindles, the SeamTec Seamer covers speeds from 50 to 600 cans per minute.

Container Inspection and Particulate Detection with Reject

Uses a vision system to detect damaged containers, unwanted particulates and scoop presence. 

Barcode Reading & Verification System

A high performance scanning system for the identification and rejection of containers with incorrect barcodes.

Laser Date & Batch Coding System

Provides a complete solution for date and batch coding of products and packaging across a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

Powder Induction System

A highly-efficient and flexible liquid powder mix system.

High-Speed Reject System

Provides rapid and precise rejection of containers to reduce running costs, simplify operations, and ensure product integrity. 

Scoop Inserter

Designed to place any design of scoop – either spoon or flat disk-type – into any type of container.

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