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C.A.T. NEOCAT Chiller

The latest JBT innovation in whole bird chilling. Increase yield and save time/money by reducing your chiller footprint, eliminating areas of bird damage and automating cleaning.

C.A.T. Automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) Technology

Clean your chiller more safely and effectively with automated cleaning.

C.A.T. FATCAT Chillers

Allows the processor the ability to increase production while still maintaining exit temperatures in the area previously used for the poultry chiller.

C.A.T. Impingement/Crusting Freezer

Our FREEZECAT keeps your products in shape; delivering the desired appearance without sticking, deformation, drip loss, or belt marks.

Frigoscandia Freezers

For over 50 years, our Frigoscandia Self-Stacking Belt Spiral Freezers have led the industry with innovative freezing technology. 

Northfield Freezers

Northfield spiral freezers are the industry choice for large high volume packaged products freezing. 


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