Clipping & Packaging

When it comes to clip packaging solutions, there is no equivalent to TIPPER TIE. Since its founding in 1952, the company has introduced many welcome innovations in clippers and clip technology, starting with the Tipper Casing Tyer. 

Table Clippers

Table or bench clippers provide cost-effective closure of all kinds of products in casing, netting or bags. Choose from a variety of configurations and clip styles to meet your production requirements.

Semi-Automatic Clippers

Semi-automatic clippers feature ergonomic design, flexibility and reliable performance. Some manual labor is required to complete the clipping process.

Automatic Clippers

Our extensive line of automatic clipping solutions set the standard for high performance, consistency and labor savings.

Net & Clip Systems

Whole muscle meats with maximum slicing yield. Spiral-sliced hams and whole turkeys in netting with perfectly sized handles. Bone-in hams and formed items in tightly netted packaging. All are hallmarks of TIPPER TIE net and clip systems.

Bag & Clip Systems

Whole poultry products, meats and cheeses are easily packaged in bags with secure clip closure with the TIPPER TIE line of bagging systems. Vacuum and shrink-bag models provide exceptional visual appeal while maximizing shelf-life in retail cases.

SwiStick Hanging System

Fully automated clipping and hanging of sausage smoking sticks at speeds up to 100 loops per minute. Enjoy reduced labor costs with a single operator.

HAMAX Whole Muscle Stuffer

For the automatic filling of fresh (e.g. restructured meat) or cured meat parts/pieces (e.g. raw or cooked/cured-meat) in artificial casings.


Designed especially for our clipping machines, TIPPER TIE consumables provide unparalleled performance in clip closure, hanging, tying and labeling of high-value meat products.

Case Studies

Greater slicing yield. Labor savings. Increased throughput. See what some of our customers have to say about their TIPPER TIE solutions.

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