System Updates


We offer complete services and support to keep your automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system in peak operating condition.

Quick turnaround at competitive prices for all major components

  • Repair of AGV Electronics components
  • Vehicle control boards
  • Guidance antennas
  • Operator Pendants (Handsets)
  • RF Modems
  • Laser scanners
  • Laser bumpers
  • Monitors/touchscreens
  • Transterms
  • Servo amplifiers/Choppers

For all vehicle makes

  • New parts
  • Rebuilt parts
  • Large inventory for overnight shipment
  • Up to one year warranty
  • Battery replacements

Tailored to meet your needs

  • Technical service contracts
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Full time technicians available to operate and maintain your system
  • Repairs & troubleshooting
  • System audits & inspections for added longevity
  • Remote support contracts

Extend system life for even greater returns

  • Operating system, host control software and hardware upgrades
  • RF Communication upgrades 
  • Battery charging enhancements
  • Vehicle refurbishment

For changing plant demands

  • Additional vehicles
  • Road system/guide path modifications
  • Additional pick-up and delivery locations

Tailored to meet your needs 

  • Vehicle, operator, system, host, and IT/administrative training
  • Onsite, or at a JBT location
  • Vehicle maintenance, operator, software, and host manuals available
  • Experienced trainers

To take on new material handling challenges

  • Upgrade of vehicle software to latest version
  • Replacement of mechanical bumpers with laser bumpers
  • Upgrade laser scanners with new models
  • Load handling attachment modifications

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