We help you provide world class healthcare. That's our goal.  Our ATLIS  vehicles, take over the routine material deliveries required in your hospital, freeing your valued and highly trained staff to spend their time caring directly for patients. Whether delivering clean linens, meals, surgical supplies and medicine, or removing waste, soiled food carts, or soiled linens, our Automated Transport System (ATS) links all central processing areas with patient towers and individual floors. No more manual pushing of heavy carts down long corridors. 

Safety is our top priority, and every vehicle meets ANSI/ITSDF B56.5 standards - the toughest safety standards in the industry

SGV Manager software intelligently manages your material movement system. Communicating directly with your fleet of vehicles, it prioritizes tasks and assigns the nearest vehicle to do the work. SGV Manager maximizes movement efficiency across your entire system. By interfacing with elevators, doors, or cart washers to monitoring material movement, SGV Manager actively manages the system for maximum productivity and efficiency, whether you operate 5-20-50-100 or more vehicles.

The result is a unique Intra-Logistics Solution that is configured to meet your specific needs. Our ATLIS vehicles become an integral part of the medical equipment in your hospital, supporting more efficient patient care. We have already helped hospitals around the world save millions of dollars and improve patient care. Partner with us and experience our custom Intra-Logistic Solution working for you!

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