Air Portable Cargo Handling Docks (ACHD)

Air Portable Cargo Handling Dock (ACHD)
JBT supplies militaries around the world with air-transportable, robust, portable cargo handling docks. The Air Portable Handling Dock (ACHD) weighs just 2,497kgs (5,500lbs), fits on a standard 108” X 88” military pallet for transport, and can support a maximum payload of 6,136kg (13,500lbs).
  • Assembly from pallet to full readiness takes only 15 minutes
  • No tools required
  • All sections fit on standard military pallet for transport
  • Shipping weight is 2,497kgs (5,500lbs)
  • Suitable for MOB, FOB, and enroute locations
  • Designed to hold a complete C-130 palletized load
  • Standing ANG Legislative Resolution
  • Maximum payload – 6,136kg (13,500lbs)
  • Consists of five roller-bed sections

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