BakTrak™ One Person Drive for the Tempest-i™ Deicer

BakTrak for the Tempest i deicer

BakTrak, the new operator control option for the Tempest-i deicer.  Directional control and steering are referenced to the direction the operator is facing once the boom rotates to the rear of the vehicle – forward is the direction the operator is facing.

  • Vehicle moves relative to orientation of operator in the basket– forward, reverse, and steering
  • Automatic operation:  No “enable” switch to activate once boom is rotated to the rear of the vehicle
Increased maneuverability: With BakTrak the deicer handles much like a fork lift – sharp turns, high precision, extended reach, one person operation 
  • Improved proximity and visibility for boom operator during deicing
  • Extended range of operation. Providing up to 45 feet of unobstructed basket reach (depending on options) from the rear of the vehicle

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